Northeastern and Sichuan Dishes
(Entrees: served with steamed rice)
Pork ribs stew $11.99
Falling off bone with potatoes and green beans
Sauerkraut stir-fry $8.99
With pork and bean thread
Shao Cai, Mu Er with pork $10.99
Stir fried with pork. Mu Eris Chinese mushroom produced exclusively in Heilongjiang Province
Honey glazed pork $11.99
Thinly coated and flash fried, done in house honey glaze sauce
Home style pulled pork $10.99
Spiced, pot roasted pork, hand shredded, served with veggies and soy garlic sauce
Cabbage and Chinese sausage $8.99
Sautéed with some onions
Pork in Yu Xiang sauce (S) $10.99
Sautéed in spicy garlic sauce
Chicken with mushrooms $8.99
Stir fried with fresh white mushrooms
Spicy chicken (S) $9.99
Dry sautéed with chili spice and cilantro
Chicken stew with mushrooms $12.99
Braised bone in with Chinese mushrooms and Five spice
VEGETARIANDi San Xian (V) $9.99
Colored bell peppers, eggplants, potatoes cooked separately, then stir fried in savoring sauce
Eggs and tomatoes $8.99
Seeded and peeled tomatoes cooked with stir fried eggs
VEGETARIANDry stir-fried green beans (S,V) $8.99
Fresh green beans sautéed with chili spice
VEGETARIANShao cai and tofu stew (V) $8.99
Sliced Napa cabbage and diced tofu
VEGETARIANShredded three (V) $8.99
Potatoes, celeries and carrots shredded and tossed with garlic and chili spice
VEGETARIANHome style tofu (V) $9.50
Fried tofu stir fried with vegetables
VEGETARIANYu Xiang eggplants (S,V) $9.99
Cooked in spicy garlic sauce
VEGETARIANTofu and jalapeno stir-fry (S,V) $9.49
Flavored tofu, celery and carrot strips
VEGETARIANCabbage and jalapeno (S,V) $7.99
Shredded cabbage sautéed with jalapeno
VEGETARIANMa Po tofu (S,V) $8.99
Fresh tofu in spicy sauce with peas and carrots
VEGETARIANGarlic spinach (V) $8.99
Organic spinach
VEGETARIANChinese green stir-fry (V) $8.99
The greens will vary upon availability.
Beef in thick spicy soup (S) $10.99
Thin sliced beef and Shao cai
Tomato beef $8.99
Stir fried with Chinese spice
Ginger onion beef $9.99
Stir fried with green and yellow onions
Dry stir fried beef (S) $11.99
Sliced beef stir fried with chili spice
Salt and pepper shrimp (Sea) $13.99
15 unshelled
Fish in thick spicy soup (S,Sea) $11.99
Sliced cod and Shao cai
Liu Yu pian (Sea) $11.99
Sliced cod in thick clear white sauce with Shao Cai and Mu Er
Pineapple shrimp (Sea) $13.99
Diced pineapple and colored bell peppers
Lunch Menu (11:00am –3:30pm Mon. –Sat)
(Each served with egg drop or hot & sour soup, a spring roll, and steamed or fried rice)
Sweet & sour pork or chicken $6.99
Broccoli chicken or beef $6.99
Gong Bao chicken or beef (S) $6.99
Vegetable chicken $6.99
Cabbage with Chinese sausage $6.99
VEGETARIANVeggie delight (V) $6.99
VEGETARIANMa Po tofu (S,V) $7.99
Mongolian chicken or beef (S) $7.99
General Tsao’s chicken (S) $8.99
Pork rib stew $8.99
VEGETARIANSlippery Liang Fen (S,V) $5.50
Pot stickers (6) $5.50
Bao Zi (4) $4.50
Fried shrimp (8) (Sea) $7.50
Crab cheese wontons (6) $4.50
VEGETARIANSpring rolls (4) (V) $4.20
Walnut shrimp (8) (Sea) $7.90
Chao Mian (CM)
VEGETARIANPlain Chao Mian (V) $6.99
Pork Chao Mian $7.99
Chicken Chao Mian $7.99
Spicy beef Chao Mian (S) $8.99
Shrimp Chao Mian (Sea) $8.99
House Chao Mian (Sea) $8.99
Soups & Noodles
Wonton soup $5.50
Hong you chao shou (S) $6.50
Chicken meatball soup $6.60
Egg drop soup $3.50
cup - $1.20
VEGETARIANHot & sour soup (V) $4.50
cup - $1.40
VEGETARIANNoodles in thick sauce (V) $7.99
VEGETARIANNoodles in bean paste sauce (V) $7.99
Spicy beef noodles (S) $9.99
VEGETARIANHot & sour noodles (V) $7.99
Fried Rice (FR)
Pork fried rice $6.99
Chicken fried rice $6.99
Shrimp fried rice (Sea) $8.99
House fried rice (Sea) $8.99
Pineapple fried rice (Sea) $8.99
With cashew and shrimp meat
VEGETARIANPlain fried rice (V) $5.99
VEGETARIANSteamed rice (V) $2.25
Other options:
(All served with steamed rice)
Broccoli chicken/beef $8.99
with prawns - $10.99
Gong Bao chicken/beef (S) $8.99
with prawns - $10.99
Sweet & sour pork/chicken $8.99
with prawns - $10.99
Snow peas with chicken/beef $9.99
with prawns - $11.99
Mu Su pork/chicken/beef $10.99
with prawns - $12.99
Hunan chicken/beef (S) $9.99
with prawns - $11.99
Mongolian chicken/beef (S) $9.99
Cashew chicken $8.99
Curry chicken $8.99
Vegetable chicken $8.99
Mandarin chicken $9.99
Lemon chicken $9.99
General Tsao’s chicken (S) $10.99
Orange chicken (S) $10.99
Green pepper beef $9.99
VEGETARIANVegetable delight (V) $8.99
VEGETARIANGarlic mushroom broccoli (V) $8.99
(Prices are subject to change (Up to date prices see on-site menus) (S) – spicy (V) – non-meat/vegetarian (Sea) – may contain seafood)